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7 Exciting Essentials for an Exquisite Outdoor Room

Posted By Drew Schilling
7 Exciting Essentials for an Exquisite Outdoor Room

Creating an outdoor room gives you a chance to run wild with your imagination. There are no set rules, just some essentials for comfort, serenity and ambiance. An outdoor room breaks down traditional barriers between indoors and outdoors, allowing you and your family to enjoy the best of both.

Here are some essentials for furnishing a comfortable outdoor room.

  • Furniture - Any room needs furniture for comfort and convenience, and your outside room is no exception. Take a step beyond traditional patio furniture and express yourself. If you've got the space, include a sectional sofa, chairs, side tables and a coffee table. And remember, outdoor furniture is now available in a wide range of weather-resistant upholstery and materials.
  • Kitchen - A useful outdoor room includes an outdoor kitchen! Consider adding a refrigerator and a sink, as well as sufficient counter space. Outdoor rooms are naturally great for cooking out, particularly with a grill island. Furnish your kitchen with grilling utensils and other necessities.
  • Lighting - Every space, whether indoors or out, requires proper lighting. To determine what's best for your outdoor room, consider its uses. Outdoor dining can benefit from hurricanes or strings of white lights, while other situations may can for standard electrical light sources.
  • Dining furniture - Dining tables and chairs are a must and should reflect color and style themes.
  • Fire - You'll want to spend evenings relaxing outdoors in your room, so plan to include a fire pit or fireplace. It will provide warmth, as well as a glowing ambiance that will help your guests relax. You may want to power your fire feature with propane or natural gas for ease of operation. 
  • Water - Besides fire, another elemental feature to add is water. Water is relaxing and meditative, whether it's a pond, fountain or waterfall. Add a water bowl for a beautiful, soothing touch.
  • Landscaping - Landscaping will enhance the beauty of your exterior room. Select plants to complement the color of your furnishings, and pay attention to textures and growth habits. Be it an Asian-inspired meditative motif or an English garden, the plants you select should carry out your theme. Think of plants as architectural elements in your overall design.

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