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Training Services

Specialized Sales and Product Training Services

Confused sellers don’t sell, and confused buyers don’t buy. This concept inspired our training program and state-of-the-art showroom aimed at providing remarkable customer service and up-close proof of our products’ quality. We take pride in knowing we’re the first in our industry to combine these ideas into a comprehensive program with customers in mind.

Our training methods bring a new approach to the outdated techniques most companies still use—if they provide any training at all. Members of your retail store staff, sales teams, and contractors can all benefit from this program, meaning it will also directly impact your clients and the incomparable sales experience they will receive!

Leading the Way in Training Opportunities

With knowledge comes confidence. For businesses, this means confidence in your sales process; for customers, it translates to confidence in the products they’re purchasing. Some salespeople may shy away from uncomfortable situations that leave them without the tools to effectively educate consumers—but that’s where Mid America Sales’ innovative training program can help.

Mid America Sales’ Training Process

Corporate Trainer

Our unique program is led by an experienced trainer who knows the ins and outs of customer service, sales, business processes.

Create an Effective Learning Environment

The versatility of our training program allows for educational opportunities in various areas to ensure attendees can learn in a manner that works for them.

Develop Educational Content

From in-classroom discussions to hands-on practice, our program provides information about all areas of business that impact your sales and customers.

Where to Find Our Sales Training

In order to ensure everyone involved receives the training they need and deserve, our services are offered in several locations.

  • Classroom-style education in our new training center
  • Mid America Sales’ showroom
  • The skills learned in our training center are then put into action in our showroom, where sales reps and staff can interact directly with our products.
  • Trade shows and distributor events
  • One-on-one training, either on-site or at clients’ stores

Already trained and ready to sell?

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